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The Love Leash is the world’s first and only child-friendly, two-person dog leash! Perfect for teaching responsible dog walking. The name originated not only because of the desirable red padding, but also because of the signature heart that is formed by the handles when they’re joined together.


What Our Customers are saying?

This leash is super cute if you have two kids who would love to walk their little dog together! We have already made so many memories because of this leash! Just watching our little ones have fun with the dog has been such a joyful experience for us! Best leash!

-Mumof2 -

This leash is checking all of my boxes! Safe? Check! Sturdy build? Check! Amazing look? Check? Comfortable to grip? Checkity check! Seems like everything's perfect! I took a little closer look and I have to say I really do appreciate the impeccable stitching! You guys did a really wonderful job with this!

- Ava D. -

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