Care Instructions

General Care:

The Love Leash in your possession is crafted from a meticulous selection of materials by experienced artisans. Your product is very precious to us and deserves the same care and affection from you each and every day. With such consideration, and a few simple precautions, you may enjoy your Love Leash for many years to come.

To Preserve its signature red padding, The Love Leash is best kept away from elements such as oil, perfume, and any alcohol-based solution such as hand sanitizers. Prolonged exposure to such elements may provoke unwanted damage or premature wear. When using cosmetics, perfumes or any alcohol-based solutions such as hand sanitizers, please take time to be sure that they are dry on your skin before using your Love Leash.



To preserve the original look and feel of your product, Hand wash your item just as you would delicate clothing. Wash gently. A mild detergent is sufficient. You may also use a mild shampoo such as a baby shampoo.

It takes very minimal detergent to clean your product. You only want to add a few drops. By adding more than this, you’ll only make it harder to rinse completely clean after you have finished. Do not pour your cleaner directly onto the Love Leash. You should pre-mix your cleaner with water before cleaning your product.



You should never dry your Love Leash in a dryer. It should always air dry, but never in the direct sunlight, as perpetual UV rays can cause your product to break down.


We take pride in the exceptional care recommendations we are able to offer.